Isis Radio Plugs on Asia Pacific Women's Issues

Isis has produced, for non-profit purposes, the following 30-seconder radio plugs on various issues confronted by women in Asia-Pacific.

1. Violence Against Women
2. Women and Migration
3. Women's Images in the Media
4. Women and Food Security
5. Women's Empowerment in Agriculture
6. Women’s Reproductive Health (not yet available in English)

The plugs are aimed at raising awareness on the many issues and concerns of women in the region; and highlighting the important roles that women play in the development process. Done with the support of Communications Assistance Foundation (CAF) based in The Netherlands, the plugs are being translated and adapted and aired by our partners in Nepal, Kyrgyzstan, Fiji, India, China, Laos.

We enjoin broadcasters and station managers to air these plugs as often as they can to support the particular needs and concerns of women in the Global South.

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