This paper on Positioning in Global Feminist Critical Collaboration: Self-Reflexive Talk among Manila-Based Feminists, is a contribution to the global feminist self-reflexive exercise. As the first volume of the Isis International–Manila monograph series on Social Movements Empowering Communication, it serves as a testament to the thriving passions of a 33-year-old feminist development communication organisation that continuously learns from women who have steered it into global collaborations in the past, and supports the women who will steer it into the future.

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This primer gives a background on the concepts of peace journalism as well as useful information in journalism in conflict situations, with additional guides on self-care for journalists covering conflict. This primer is the result of the longstanding experience of media women of Min-WoW and Isis International-Manila monitoring and analysing of the media in different parts of the world from a Southern feminist perspective. Moreover, it is the result of the three trainings we conducted in North-Western Mindanao, Philippines under “Women Making Airwaves for Peace” and what the training participants coming from different media organisations, NGOs and grassroots organisations found most helpful and accurate in their daily work as journalists or community women dealing with the media. This primer is geared towards media practitioners.



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People's Communications for Development is a three-year study conducted by Isis International - Manila, Philippines in collaboration with four partner organisations: Aalochana Centre for Documentation and Research on Women in Pune, India; the Civil Media Development Institute in Bangkok, Thailand; FemLINK Pacific in Suva, Fiji; and HELP Resources Inc. in Wewak, Papua New Guinea.

Even as women struggle for recognition, equal access and participation in the public sphere of governance (among others), their voices and positions become muted as the world shifts its attention toward ‘hard development’ measures and issues greatly influenced by the neo-liberal framework.

This monograph series features six articles from Asian and European academics and feminists that call for the deepening of debates and engagements between women parliamentarians and the feminist movements towards the construction of a comprehensive and engendered development and security agenda. It is published by Isis International-Manila in collaboration with the Women and Gender Institute of Miriam College in the Philippines.

5.5" x 8.5", bookpaper, 51 pages, 1998,
ISBN 971-8829-06-07
US$5.00 / PhP 60.00


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