Gender Policy on Community Radio

Women have a larger role in community radio than any other form of media. Easy to use, easy to access and low in cost, community radio helps women's voices be heard in countries as diverse as Afghanistan and Australia. However, even the community radio sector is far from achieving equality for men and women.

Based on survey conducted by Isis Internatinal and AMARC-WIN Asia Pacific, 45 per cent of staff and volunteers are women but only 28 per cent of them are in leadership positions and only 30 per cent performing technical tasks. Among the concerns that they cited were: lack of technical skills; security and violence; less chances to present their view points; and less access to decision-making. They complained of the male-dominated radio set-up that intimidates womenthem and hinders their participation.

This is changing. As community radio spreads, particularly across the Asia-Pacific, it is helping to empower women.

The aim of this gender policy for community radio is to help radio stations understand and strive to meet their obligations towards women in their diversity. It covers the needs of women in conflict situations, differently abled women, women from minority groups, including lesbian and transgender women.

For March 8 2009 Isis International and AMARC WIN translated the Gender Policy for Community Radio into 18 languages.

Don't miss your chance to promote gender equality. Download the policy in your language and share it with your radio station, friends and network.

(If you cannot find your language and would like to translate this gender policy, please do contact Bianca Miglioretto .

For further information, visit AMARC .

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